Silver Confirms 3-D Remake!

Although there has been talk about Dark Castle’s next flick, there has been no confirmation until today. Producer Joel Silver has taken the next step in improving his Dark Castle flicks; first he added an amazing cast with Gothika, now he’ll bring all the stars to life in a 3-D remake of the classic House of Wax! Read on for details..
“Producer Joel Silver (whose Dark Castle production company has brought out a new horror movie around Halloween for three years) told SCI FI Wire that the next will be a remake of the 1953 creeper House of Wax?in 3-D. “I think I’m going to do House of Wax next,” Silver said in an interview while promoting his upcoming Gothika. “I want to redo that. I think it would be fun.”

The original film, starring Vincent Price, was the first major studio film (Warner Brothers) produced in 3-D. So for the remake, Silver added, “I want to do it 3-D. I think it might be fun. I mean, that’s what I’m thinking about now. But that’s my plan. I don’t know. It depends.”

Silver created Dark Castle with producer/director Robert Zemeckis in part to remake classic cheesy horror movies such as those produced in the 1950s by legendary showman William Castle. Gothika, starring Halle Berry, opens Nov. 21.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire