Agnes Bruckner Talks Blood & Chocolate, Last Resort!

Coming to theaters January 26th is MGM’s werewolf movie Blood and Chocolate, which stars the beautiful genre fav Agnes Brucker as a nineteen year old who has spent her life on the run from the truth…. that she is a werewolf. Being that Bruckner has starred in four horror films (Venom, The Woods, Blood and Chocolate and the upcoming Last Resort), we were quite excited to go one-on-one with the upcoming star and chat about her role in the new film. Read on for the skinny.
Blood and Chocolate
Star Agnes Bruckner
Interview By: Brian Collins

Agnes Bruckner is quickly becoming a name among horror fans as she’s been in four horror films already, but what was it about BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE that brought her back to the genre? “The fact that it’s a werewolf movie drew me to it. I’ve always been a fan of werewolf and vampire movies,” she tells Bloody-Disgusting, “They’ve always intrigued me because they are such awesome stories. And working with Olivier Martinez and Hugh Dancy was awesome.

Being a big fan of werewolves and vampires you’d have to wonder how much she believes in the real thing, she tells us, “I did at one point when I was younger. I still do in a way, because I’ve always had a thing about vampires and werewolves and I wanted it to be real. So, I guess I don’t really know, but I kinda want it to be. [laughs]” Bruckner also tells us about how BLOOD differs from the typical werewolf film, “What sets it apart is that we are full wolves when we turn, not the half human things you see in other movies,” she also explains that the story is also unique, “The story is about love, but not in a sappy way,” she continues, “it has a lot of action but it’s in a much more beautiful way, rather than just vampires and werewolves killing each other in a dark way.

One question many fans have been asking is how gory is BLOOD? It does look more like a thriller than an actual horror film, Bruckner tells us “There’s gore involved, some really good kills, and a lot of fighting and all that jazz. It definitely has its gore!

Considering Agnes is now in four horror movies, with [maybe] another one in the near future, we asked her if she considered herself a “Scream Queen”, she tells us, “I wouldn’t consider myself a Scream Queen, I just really enjoy working on horror and thrillers… I’m a huge fan – I see them all the time.

Hinting that Agnes might be in more genre films in the near future, we asked her about the rumors that she’ll play Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN remake, she tells us, “ I can’t tell you, I heard some things like that. There’s definitely interest from my side, but nothing is 100% right now. We will see!

In addition the the HALLOWEEN rumor, we asked Agnes about her role in the upcoming horror film LAST RESORT, which sounds extremely cool. “I just finished working on that, Chris Moore is directing. It’s a thriller but its EXTREMELY gory,” She elaborates on the story, “Me and the other characters, we go to this house and get trapped there, and there’s this killer who’s… kind of sick in the head! He lets them know that they have until 6 am to have only one person left alive in the house. So whether they kill each other or kill themselves or what, but there can only be one person left in the house.

Going into a werewolf movie you have to have a favorite in the sub genre, Bruckner tells us her favorite is “WOLF, the one with Michelle Pfieffer and Jack Nicholson – that was definitely an awesome movie.

Check out BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE in theaters everywhere January 26th.