MOH Review: EP 2.9: Rob Schmidt’s’ ‘Right to Die’

Inside we’ve posted our latest review from this year’s Masters of Horror: Season 2 (all reviews), which airs every Friday on Showtime. Inside you’ll find Tex Massacre’s review of “Right to Die”, which was directed by Robert Shmidt. Her flesh has been charred and her body remains comatose, but from a strict medical perspective, Abby is still alive. Beset by guilt, her conflicted husband Cliff is determined to get a court order to cease her pain. Her condition worsening, she repeatedly flat-lines and is revived. But each time Abby’s body dies, her apparition grows stronger, violently attacking those that have taken advantage of her plight. If Cliff pulls the plug, he’s next on the list. This topical horror story takes a supernatural stand on the right-to-life debate.
Right to Die (MoH 2.9)
Reviewed By: Tex Massacre
7/10 or 3

Source: Showtime