Your Halloween Surprise?

Last year Bloody-Disgusting brought you a fantastic Halloween present with the FIRST EVER IMAGES online from Freddy vs Jason, now this year, has your Halloween present. Clint over at Moviehole has some great connections when it comes to Dimension films, and he’s scored some new information on the Hellrasier & Halloween crossover entitled Helloween, unfortunately, it isn’t the most exciting news, but its the most accurate truth out there right now and there’s something new involved…
Moviehole writes, “Seems Dimension still isn’t exactly sure that they’re going to be doing the Michael vs. Pinhead movie and want the chance to clear it up. We received the following email from a studio contact, who’s as close to the production as one could possibly get. “I don’t know how many times we are going to have to say this and apologies for all the confusing stories, but the Halloween vs. Hellraiser project is NOT officially on. Any stories you hear to the contrary are false”. The match-up is merely one of several ideas the studio are reportedly considering to form the basis of the next Halloween movie apparently, and it’s a while off yet.”

Did you catch this part, “The match-up is merely one of several ideas the studio are reportedly considering”? Looks like the future could hold some surprises!

Source: Moviehole