The Hitcher: Ask the Infamous Eric Red a Question!

When you think ’80s horror, one name that comes to mind instantly is Eric Red, who brought us such classics as Near Dark and the original The Hitcher. His stories and ideas were so out there he took a beating by critics, but fans learned to adore him. After a horrible accident nearly five years ago, Red’s career took a nose dive and he pretty much vanished from the face of the Earth – but with the announcement of various projects over the past year, and the remake of The Hitcher hitting theaters next week, Red’s name is coming up all over Hollywood. And today is your lucky day… why? If you head on over to Arrowinthehead you can e-mail your very own questions to Eric… who knows, maybe he’ll respond to yours?! Check out The Hitcher in theaters January 19th.

Source: Arrow in the Head