All the Boys Love Indians in ‘Dead West’, More ‘Hatchet’!

I know most of you have yet to see Adam Green’s ’80s gorefest Hatchet (review), but believe me when I say that when you do, you’re going to be begging for a sequel… and for his next project, Dead West, to get rolling. Today we got word directly from Green who reveals to Bloody-Disgusting that screenwriter Jacob Forman (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) has come on board to adapt Dead West for Green. Inside you’ll find all of the details on that and Hatchet 2?!?
Writer/Director Adam Green writes in to give us some fantastic updates for the New Year starting with the news that JACOB FORMAN (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) will officially be working with Adam on Dead West, an adaptation of the kick-ass graphic novel by Rick Spears and Rob G.

Green writes in, “The producers and I were anxious to get moving, and with me set to direct my comedy GOD ONLY KNOWS this winter, it only made sense to pass the screenwriting honors to Jacob to write DEAD WEST and kick it into motion. He’s a Western fan and is a guy who clearly loves his violence as much as I do! I’m sure fans of the graphic novel will appreciate that we’re not looking to make yet another “zombie flick.” Just imagine one of the Leone spaghetti westerns… if the Indians came back from the dead and could still fight as viscously and intelligently as they could have in life. Forget what you’ve seen the undead do – no lumbering about, moaning, eating brains, tired shit – these are hardcore PISSED off Indians that just so happen to be decomposed and horrific looking. This is going to be brutal.

DEAD WEST is centered around a bounty hunter chasing down a fugitive…in a desolate western town where the Indian natives have returned as the walking dead to seek revenge on the white men who slaughtered them. Click here for our look at the Graphic Novel.

He also informs us that his dramatic thriller SPIRAL is set to premiere on Saturday January 27th at the Santa Barbara Film festival and start it’s festival run from there.

DEAD WEST is tentatively planning to shoot at the end of this year- and with the latest flurry of praise for his first feature film HATCHET coming in (Harry Knowles’ Top 10 of 2006, MTV’s Top 10 of 2007)… “talks about HATCHET 2 are getting more and more ‘specific’ .