Interesting Return to ‘Amityville’

In what could be one of the most intriguing stories in awhile, it seems as if not only MGM will not be adding another Amityville tale under their belts, but Dimension films has picked up the rights to do it as well, and in an interesting fashion. Read on for the story, and read about the race against time…
Variety reports that Dimension Films is “entering a stakes race against MGM to be first with a film based on the events that informed 1979 horror hit The Amityville Horror.”

“One week after MGM pacted for an “Amityville Horror” remake with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, Dimension acquired the life rights of George Lutz, who lived in the famed Long Island haunt and experienced the paranormal happenings attributed to the murder of an entire family that previously lived in the house.”

“Dimension bought the rights from Nu Image and got a completed first script draft that revisits the house 25 years after the Lutz family fled. The studio is already talking with an unnamed but well established horror director who’ll shoot a film to be released by early next summer.

“The race is on,” Weinstein said in confirming his plans for the Amityville tale. “We don’t anticipate a lawsuit, because the story and the events surrounding the house are public domain. MGM owns the remake, and we will not touch that story; Amityville as an entity and a real story is another matter. We’ve come up with our own take on the story, and I’m sure that their remake can be a success. I know one thing: We’re very good at coming out first.”

“Weinstein’s main concern wasn’t beating MGM to theaters but rather getting the movie out before summer blockbusters like sequels to “Spider-Man” and “Blade.” Weinstein said they’ll rework the script draft that came in a deal with Nu Image, whose Avi Lerner, Trevor Short and John Thompson brokered the deal with Dimension legal affairs execs Andrew Gumpert and Michael Marshall.”

Source: Variety