Happy Friggin’ Halloween!

Hey everyone, Blueteamno and I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween. This being our second Halloween, we hoped to bring you another kick ass scoop like last year (remember those awesome Freddy vs Jason images?), well sorry folks, the best we could do this year was find the Alien vs Predator posters online for you. But we have some great stuff coming up within the next few weeks. We have a Willard contest where you could win a poster signed by Crispin Glover, or even a DVD! We also have probably one of the first and only interviews online with Alexandre Ajathe, director of the highly anticipated Haute Tension (review), the film Lions Gate picked up the rights to at the Toronto Film Festival this year. It’s supposed to be one of the best slasher flicks in years! We’ve also got some secrets brewing, so hopefully we’ll be seeing you around. Have a great Halloween, and remember, no one has ever died from poisoned candy, it’s just a myth, so shuddup and eat the freakin candy from that crazy looking witch that lives down the street!