Sundance ’07: Lionsgate, Weinstein Acquire ‘Teeth’

We’ve been pimping this movie since it was first annouinced, Mitchell Lichtenstein’s coming-of-age black comedy horror film Teeth, which features a girl who is born with teeth in her vagina. We caught the film (sitting right next to one of the Weinsteins) yesterday morning and apparently the audiences reaction was good enough for both Lionsgate and the Weinsteins to acquire the film for distribution, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It’s not clear which studio will take the lead on theatrical distribution or video, but the Weinsteins and Lionsgate have a strong history releasing controversial product together, including 1999’s “Dogma” and 2004’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Watch this spot for a review and on camera interviews in the coming weeks.

Source: Hollywood Reporter