Angela Bettis’ ‘Roman’ Coming to DVD, First Trailer!

it was revealed today that Echo Bridge Entertainment will release Angela Bettis’ directorial debut, Roman, on DVD March 27th. Tormented by his co-workers and trapped in a life of tedium, Roman’s one pleasure is his obsession with the elusive beauty next door (Kristen Bell, Pulse, Fifty Pills). When a chance encounter goes horribly wrong, a moment of frenzied desperation triggers a chilling turn of events. As he teeters between deranged fantasy and cold reality, Roman’s struggle to hide his grisly secret is further complicated by an eccentric neighbor (Nectar Rose, Serenity), who forces herself into his dark and tortured world. Lucky McKee stars in this menacing follow-up to his 2002 cult hit, May. Read on for a look at the cover art and a link to the trailer.

Watch the trailer here:

Source: Echo Bridge