Dee Snider Wins Back Captain Howdy & ‘Strangeland’ Franchise!

Here we are on the dawn of the tenth anniversary of Dee Snider’s Strangeland, a film that I have grown more and more fond of over the years. A sequel has been in the works for what seems like a decade now, but nothing has ever officially developed. Snider has always been vocal about the return of Captain Howdy (aka Carleton Hendricks) and has sworn of his return in Strangeland 2… it looks like his promise might be coming true — over at Lionsgate! Read on for the skinny.
C.C. Banana asked: “Which will see the light of day first, Chinese Democracy (Guns ‘N Roses) or Strangeland II?”

Dee Snider responds: “Hahahahaha! That’s GOOD! That’s fucking GOOD! Oh, that is GOOD! You’re right, I’ve been talking about that fucking project for as long as Axl! And you just made me realize it! Oh, man! That is fucking good. Back at ya, Snider! I will have to call myself out on that in my podcast.

In my defense, I do have an excuse! The U.S. government seized the property and arrested the CFO of The Shooting Gallery, the production company who made the first ‘Strangeland’ So I was in court fighting to get my property back for 5 fucking years! I did finally get it back this past year and now Lions Gate Entertainment says that they’d like to pick it up. Their exact words were, ‘We want to make the sequel.’ But getting it from there into movie theaters is going to be a long fucking road.

Lions Gate does have plans to release an extended cut of the original ‘Strangeland’ on DVD in July 2007. We’re even going to be shooting a new scene, which will be attached to the end of the movie as a teaser for the next one. After it fades to black, it will now fade up on an autopsy. That will be the opening scene for the sequel, which will be called ‘Strangeland: Disciple.’

But knowing Axl, I feel comfortable saying that even if this film takes me another 10 years… I’ll still beat that fucker to the punch!

In the original film a schizophrenic sadist by the name of Captain Howdy lures teens through the internet into his painful traps. A detective starts pursuing him after he captures his daughter. Eventually they catch up with him and send him to a mental hospital. But upon his release, the townspeople don’t accept the new, peaceful former Captain Howdy, and attack him. Howdy goes nuts again and in revenge starts everything all over, only worse. Can the detective stop him?…

Source: CC Banana, Cybercomic69