The Trailer Park: Mock-Up Tease of ‘Faces of Death’ Remake!

AICN discovered something amazing this morning, something extremely disturbing, something you should only watch if you proceed with caution – click here to watch a mock-up trailer for J.T. Petty’s Faces of Death, which is aiming for release sometime in 2007. The trailer will give you a much better idea of what they’re going to do with the remake of the series, which shocked millions. When the original movie was released in 1978, it showed explicit death scenes and was banned, at least temporarily, in several countries. While the snuff film entered the domain of urban legend, it later was revealed that the human component and some of the animal scenes were faked, and the move became one of the decade’s great hoaxes. The movie, which featured a narrator named Dr. Francis B. Gross, went on to become a cult film and spawned five sequels.

Source: D13 Newtork