Exclusive News on ‘Halloween 9’

I received an email in response to the news post today by Dark Horizons regarding the demise of Helloween and the rebirth of Halloween 9. Inside is a little scoop about what you might be able to expect in the next Halloween, and let me tell you, it’s good. No more stupid thorn stories, weeew!
I received this scoop from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, “I was just writing in response to the news on the end of Helloween and news on Halloween 9. I was also at the H25 convention and heard Akkad say the same things. However, the night before I was at the VIP party and was involved in a conversation between Malek Akkad and Charles Cyphers (Sheriff Brackett) who were discussing the next installment and his possible involvement. At the end of the conversation, Akkad ensured Cyphers that he’d be contacting him as soon as the wheels starting rolling on production of H9. The next day at the convention, someone addressed Cyphers return to Moustapha Akkad while on panel and the crowd went nuts. His appearance being similar to Loomis was also pointed out and it was mentioned that he could be a new Loomis like character who is set on avenging his daughter Annie’s death by Michael in part one. To this Moustapha pointed to Malek and said, “Are you taking notes?” Very exciting in my opinion. Just thought I’d let you know.

All of this is subject to change depending on changes within the studios, so take this as rumor right now until the official Halloween website confirms this.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting Exclusive