New Reviews: ‘Driftwood’ Along With Four Others!

We’ve sort of pulled back from reviews over the course of the past month as we wanted to give ample coverage to the horror films in the Sundance Film Festival – but now that it’s long gone it’s time to get back on track! Today we posted five new reviews, with the spotlight on Tim Sullivan’s (2001 Maniacs) second feature film, Driftwood, which is coming to DVD later this year. Read on for all of the new reviews and links.
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Driftwood review by Tex Massacre: “If you’re looking for the kind of flash fun that Sullivan brought out in spades with his H.G. Lewis update in 2005, keep looking, the director will be back this year with his planned sequel. But if you’re interested in an entirely different side of a complex filmmaker–one that shows he’s no one trick pony–then you’re gonna wanna take a long hard look at DRIFTWOOD.

Prey review by Andy B.: “Plain and simple, this film does not deliver the goods. It sounds great and offers some great kills, but really doesn’t sink its teeth in to you. By the time it was finished I was ready for a nap. Anything short of Robocop himself battling lions couldn’t have saved the damage that had been done.

Grim Reaper review by Tex Massacre: “In the end, it’s just too tame and it’s inhabitants too uninteresting to carry the film. I don’t know much that would have risen the project too far ahead of it’s derivative plot lines but I suspect some genuine suspense and few reasonably violent deaths would have gone a long way to make the movie a bit more watchable.

Cannibal Campout review by Tex Massacre: “To see McBride’s baby to come to the DVD marketplace warms my black heart for all the Z-movie mavericks that made my weekly trips down the isles of Movie Emporium or any number of other long since past video palaces so goddamn memorable.

Beyond Dreams Door review by Room 237: “It’s got a wonderful, hallucinatory feel with sumptuous concentrations of blues and reds and a score which builds the tension and underscores the already inspired visuals. A definite must for fans of 80’s low-budget genre films and a recommended rental for any other interested parties.

Source: B-D Reviews