Kelly Expands on ‘The Box’ ‘Darko’ and ‘Knowing’!

Has Richard Kelly really been in the news as of late or what? just ran an extensive interview with supergenious Director Richard Kelly, which detailed his efforts on the upcoming re-release of his re-release of Donnie Darko. Also touched on where his next films, The Box, which he’s making with Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) and Knowing. It’s a long interview, so read on for some of the important stuff and a link to the full interview.
For the full interview with the genious Richard Kelly, click here, until then, here’s a taste:

“I think it’s going to be a pretty substantially new version of the film. I mean, I think it’s certainly going to clarify a lot of things for the audience but it’s also going to, I hope, expand the meaning of the film, not only in terms of answers, but also in terms of new questions.”

Kelly continues, “Ultimately, it’s called the “Director’s Cut” so it’s going to be delving into more of my interpretation of the film. I think that this is all based upon what was originally intended and the kind of material that I was forced to delete from the film when initially the film was first going to be distributed. People weren’t sure if the film was ever going to connect with the audience. The consensus was that the film was not going to connect with an audience, it was going to be very inaccessible, and the best thing to do was to remove as much material as possible to try and make the film as tight and quick as possible.”

Kelly later in the interview goes on to explain some of the reasons why his second film Knowing is delayed, here’s one reason, “The reason why I’ve been holding out for so long to make “Knowing” the second film is because I really believe it feels, in my gut, exactly what my second film needs to be, and exactly where I want to go as a filmmaker. I would like to go to work on a broader canvas as opposed to a smaller one right now simply because I was given a lot of opportunities in my first film, and I think that I’ve grown a lot over the past three years. I think that there’s a lot more that I’m capable of. To work on a smaller, reduced budget or a smaller canvas right now would feel kind of limiting to what I want to do. That’s why I’ve been holding out for this one for so long.”

The plot? “(Knowing) it does involve the discovery of a time capsule. That’s all I can say (laughing).” While it was revealed earlier this year that the plot revolves around a teacher finds a time capsule and in the capsule was artwork from decades ago that predicted assasinations, or something to that effect.

Next up he talked about The Box, which he will be making with Eli Roth, who directed Cabin fever, “It is based on a very obscure Richard Matheson story that was never published but was ultimately made into a “Twilight Zone” episode. In the early 80?s when a new version of “The Twilight Zone” aired on CBS, the producers went back to a lot of the original writers like Matheson, Arthur C. Clarke [and] a lot of other big writers. Even Harlan Ellison, I think, wrote an episode. It was a really interesting kind of revival of the show, with new material. I optioned one of the episodes that Matheson wrote. The episode was called “Button, Button” and the screenplay that I’m working on with Eli, we’ve retitled it “The Box.” It’s basically a story that I’ve been obsessed with since I saw it when I was probably 11 years old or something.”

Another thin plot detail from Kelly, “Eli would probably kill me! It involves a box with a button on it, and bad things can happen when that button is pushed.”

For the full low-down, and talk about Cats Cradle, follow the link above, there’s about five pages worth of goodies!