Gets Restricted, Gives Users Access!

Ever since Fox Atomic has launched they’ve been striving to be something new, something different. They’ve been trying to find their niche with the horror fans and have pulled tons of crazy stuff out of their hats (remember the insane Halloween circus?) – today they take it to the next level. Welcome to the Restricted, a website meant for older eyes… for people who want more extreme in their horror. Click the link to check it out or read on to see what a rep from Fox wrote in.
We got an interesting e-mail this afternoon from a Fox Atomic rep, something I’m certain you’re going to enjoy:

“If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since I started working with the horror fans it’s that most movie studio websites are severely lacking in anything that’s actually, well, really hardcore. Sure there’s your everyday scary trailer, some gruesome stills, an interview maybe, but nothing that really whets the appetite of the true horror diehard. Fact of the matter is…Fox Atomic is not one of those studios.

So pull back the curtain, because we would like to introduce to you the new `Restricted’ section on, with all the bloody horror content that’s not fit for the tender eyes (read: MPAA) of those under 18! We’ve got three BRAND NEW short films from director Adam Mortimer that were inspired by ‘The Hills Have Eyes 2′, as well as some of the more brutal entries in the Nightmare Factory contests. We’ll be filling up that section with all sorts of gruesome clips and stills for your viewing pleasure in the coming weeks. So take a look and let your readers know what we’ve got for them.