‘Halloween 9’ Filming by Early 2004?

Over at Fangoria, they have a lot more details from Malek Akkad about Halloween 9, “The producer acknowledges that, at this relatively late day, they are also still considering scriptwriters for the project. “Right now we’re looking at a couple of pairs of writing teams, but I can tell you that we are not considering the writers of FREDDY VS. JASON. At this point, we’re close to making a decision, and we’re hopeful that we will have a first draft of HALLOWEEN 9 by mid-December. I can also say that, as in the past, we’re trying to emulate the tone and the feel of the first film while at the same time hopefully bringing something fresh and new to the concept. I’ve always fought for less gore and more suspense in the HALLOWEEN films. I haven’t always gotten what I wanted, but in an ideal world, those are the elements that I believe work best.” Follow the link for the full story.

Source: Fangoria, deadmanwalkin