NYCC: First Footage From ‘Hostel: Part II’ Shown!

So we just brought you the first ever look at the poster for Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part II from the New York Comic Con (here), now we’ve got some details on the clips that were shown (three in all). Read on for Clint’s report straight from the event, which is running through the weekend. Hostel: Part II hits theaters everywhere June 8.

Clint Davis writes in from the event:

“The “UNRELEASED FOOTAGE” went like this (spoiler warning):

It opens on Roger Bart and another businessman-type jogging in track suits along a canal. They’re discussing sex, and it’s effect one’s very being; how people just “know” when you’ve had it. They begin to relate this to “the thing we’re going to do today,” which is revealed to be, of course, paying for the chance to murder someone. Fade out.

We see Bijou Phillips, another pretty girl, and a beefy guy soaping each other up (in swimsuits) while bathing in what appears to be a hot spring of some sort. The audio was a bit garbled during this first bit of this clip, but soon it’s clear that they are discussing the wearabouts of a friend. Fade out.

We hade in on Heather Matarazzo’s face, crying and gagged with what looks like some kind of neatly folded cloth. The camera begins to spin until her face is upside down in the frame. We pull back and it becomes clear that it is HER that is upside down, hanging from something as yet unrevealed. She begins to move backwards, crying still. We cut to a white, stone room that is lined with candles, the last of which being lit by a man in an S&M-ish mask. The room is not quite as filthy and dark as the rooms in HOSTEL 1. We see Heather’s character wheeled into the room, hanging from a chain, nude, her back to the camera. We cut back to her face, still crying, pleading now behind her gag.

This fades out and the HOSTEL 2 logo fades in.”

There you have it, watch for more from the New York Comic Con this week.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting