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Ghostbusters: The Other Side TPB Out This May



IDW is releasing all four issues of Ghostbusters: The Other Side in a trade paperback this May. The story is your typical zany ghostbuster fare, fighting mafia ghosts and being trapped in purgatory. I really like the look of the comic and am sad I never checked it out, I hope to get it in May. Did you read the comic? More info after the break…
Ghostbusters Written by Keith Champagne and Art by Tom Nguyen.

Collects the mini-series. The only thing worse than getting on the bad side of gangsters is capturing the ghosts of the some of the most historically notorious figures in organized crime. And when you upset the spirits of the mafia, you better be prepared to go to the mattresses. But when the Ghostbusters find themselves in Purgatory they need to find a way out, and fast, before they end up spending an eternity in Hell.
Available May, $17.99


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