The Epidemic Spreads Further

It looks like we’ll be putting this Cabin Fever (review) icon to good use now that Moviehole broke the news about a sequel to the independent hit film, which grossed over 21 million at the box office. Read on for the scoop that’ll get you infected once and for all..
Moviehole writes, “Rider Strong – he of scalding and rave-worthy horror renaissance leader “Cabin Fever” – dropped by the site to let slip some pretty cool – but surprising – news. He says he’s been signed to star in Cabin Fever 2, the sequel to the surprise smash hit about a group of teens that get ravaged by a bizarre skin virus while on vacation. “There will eventually be a Fever 2. And I’ll be in it…but that’s all I’m saying. Eli and I love working together; we’re going to plug each other into as many projects as possible.” That’s quite a surprise, considering his character_oh hang on, that’s too much of a spoiler. Meantime, says Rider, he’s been working on the DVD. “Eli and I did a commentary track together. I think they’re going to edit mine in with the rest of the cast. Eli’s ridiculous, he’s planning on having five commentary tracks, anybody who can sit through all five is either a true fan or a true nut-job (maybe a little of both).” Look out for the full interview with Rider to run closer to the Australian release of Cabin Fever.”

Source: Moviehole