MEZCO Brings Us Full-Articulated Terror For New Line!

This morning announced a new line of horror action figures by Mezco entitled Cinema Of Fear, which will features: Leatherface, Choptop, Freddy in Tux and Friday the 13th Final Chapter Jason! I know we already have tons of these figures, but there’s something very special about these — was told to expect 10-12 Points of articulation comprising: hinged elbows and knees, ball-jointed head & shoulders, hinged wrist and t-cut pelvis (now Freddy and Barbie can finally do their thing)! The figures will also come with some extras as well. Leatherface will come with the Old-Ladie head and an Alternative head, Choptop will come with a Zombie, Freddie with a skeleton and Jason with an Alternative head.

Source: Action-Figure