Horror In Your House For March 6, 2007

It’s a good thing Paramount is releasing South Park: Season 9 on DVD tomorrow because this week’s Horror In Your House is a pooper if you ask me. Welcome to March 6, 2007, a day where dozens of horror movies are coming to DVD, yet all make me squirm at the fact that they will probably suck. Seriously, here’s a title to be proud of: The Great American Snuff Film – can’t wait to check that one out (not). Oh man and just wait until you read about Pony Game, WOW! Anyways, read on for the full list and hopefully you find something worth checking out.
Horror in your House
March 6, 2007
By: Tex Massacre

A Brush with Death: New Light/Vivendi Visual Entertainment

A group of cheerleaders makes the unfortunate decision to spend the night in an abandoned farmhouse. Once they’ve settled in, the girls discover the creepy cottage is haunted by a dead boy who killed his brother four decades earlier, drained his blood and used it to paint a portrait of his murdered sibling.

Cult: CreepFX/Maverick

A college project goes horribly wrong when four students investigating a historic local cult for a class discover that the group’s power came from an ancient Chinese amulet infused with an otherworldly force. As they try to solve the mystery of the jewelry, they unleash the fury of a murderous supernatural power.

An official selection at the 2006 Shriekfest Film Festival in Los Angeles, this spine-chiller stars Rachel Miner and Taryn Manning.

Death Row: Starz Home Entertainment

Isla de la Roca was abandoned after being soaked in blood by a horrific massacre of inmates and guards. A gang of fugitives from a cop-killing robbery seek refuge within the razor wire of the prison walls at the same time as a documentary film crew arrives to tell the story of the penitentiary. When these groups cross paths within the cruel walls of Isla de la Roca, will anyone get out alive?

Director Kevin VanHook (SLAYER, VOODOO MOON) is at it again, this time with Jake Busey and Stacy Keach along for the ride. Danny Trejo reunites with his SLAYER director for more bloody goodness.

Decoys: The Second Seduction: Sony Pictures

Sam, a college student in a small Northwestern town, reluctantly joins his roommates in a contest to see who can hook up with the most gorgeous co-eds by the end of the semester. But when men slowly start disappearing around town, he and his friends learn that when it comes to beautiful women, it’s what’s inside that really matters.

Delerium: York Entertainment

It was supposed to be their spring break—a week of fun, sun, beach babes and all-night parties. But anticipation turns into horror and jubilation descends into desperation as their road trip takes a fatal detour into terror and murder in this gripping tale of madness, death and redemption.

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield: Lionsgate

The story of real-life, serial killer Ed Gein is finally told. Nicknamed “The Butcher of Plainfield,” Gein was responsible for a rash of gory murders that sent shock waves through his rural Wisconsin town, and across America, in the late 1950s. Prepare to enter the evil mind and twisted world of “The Butcher of Plainfield” in this dark and disturbing thriller.

Director Michael Feifer’s (A DEAD CALLING, GRIM REAPER) version of the Gein tale stars Kane Hodder as a decidedly more buff version of the notorious killer.

Euro Fiends from Beyond the Grave (THE RED HEADED CORPSE, THE FACELESS MONSTER, SATANIK): Retromedia/Image

They’re sexy, scary, and out to get you! Get ready to enter the bizarre and erotic world of European horror! First meet THE FACELESS MONSTER, as seductive Barbara Steele (BLACK SUNDAY) is tortured with acid while tied up helpless in one of the classics of the golden age of Italian horror. Then, old, scarred Dr. Marnie Bannister has a chance to regain her youth after committing murder to access a colleague’s secret method of regenerating tissue cells, albeit with aggressive side effects which turn deadly in the mind-melting SATANIK! Finally, Farley Granger (ROPE) stars in THE RED HEADED CORPSE, a bizarre mixture of ghost story and Italian thriller as an alcoholic artist seeking inspiration from a mannequin who may in fact have been driven to murder!

The Great American Snuff Film: Brain Damage

Based on the journals of serial Killer William Allen Grone. “The Great American Snuff Film” a series of events involving the kidnapping, torture, and eventual “snuff” film murders of two young women in 1995. While the film is a dramatization of the events, it is told through Grone’s personal writing and concludes with actual footage of his film.

Hell Hath No Fury: Brain Damage

A gruesome collection of gory yet strangely erotic tales where men and women face off in romantic entanglements gone horribly awry. Offering no doubt that they’re not to be trifled with, these women scorned exact their sweet and, more important, sick revenge on the hedonistic men who dare do them wrong.

Sex crazed men get what’s coming to em? I think I’ll skip it and watch me some Oprah!

The Hitchhiker: Asylum

A group of women on a road trip to Las Vegas pick up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a sadistic killer

God knows it took long enough for the folks at The Asylum to get this knock-off on shelves.

The Manitou: Anchor Bay (TEX’S PICK OF THE WEEK)

What surgeons thought to be a tumor growing on the neck of patient Karen Tandy is actually a fetus growing at an abnormally accelerated rate. But when Karen reaches out to former lover and phony psychic Harry Erskine, he discovers that she is possessed by the reincarnation of a 400-year old Native American demon.

Jamie Lee’s papa Tony made precious few horror films and the ones he did make were pretty poor (THE MUMMY LIVES…yikes!) so check out one of the better ones.

Night of the Comet: MGM

Two pretty high school girls (one a cheerleader!) don’t like their mother or her new boyfriend (“Daddy would have gotten us Uzis!”). One morning, they wake up to find that everybody in Los Angeles has been turned to dust by a Comet except them, a guy who looks like Erik Estrada, some zombies and the occupants of a secret underground government installation.

The campy 1980’s classic arrives on DVD this week which makes me nostalgic for MGM’s old Midnight Movies film line.

Pony Trouble: Brain Damage

Pony Trouble follows Cindy and her friends, who are all obsessed with the latest product from Megatoy: a live action role-playing game (LARP) simply called “The Pony Game”. When Cindy wins the Megatoy essay contest, the group gets to star in their own documentary about the game. Filmmakers Bob and Dave become unwitting pawns of Donna’s obsessive need to control her friends, the movie….and Megatoy itself! What’s at stake? All of reality as we know it!

I actually can’t believe this is the plot of a film….seriously.

Strange Circus: TLA

Teenage Mitsuko is forced to watch her parents’ lovemaking through the peephole of a cello case. Soon she is involved in her father’s wicked sex acts, the death of her mother and suicide attempts. yet all of this is apparently a novel being penned by reclusive, wheelchair-bound author Taeko. Or is it?

Suicide Club’s maverick cult director Sion Sono returns with a disturbing, visually electrifying shocker about a sexually abused young woman and her hallucinatory reality.

Toe Tags: Brain Damage

The high rent district of Valley Creek Apartments seems to be a magnet for beautiful people – those who can afford to live there. But rent has just gone up and its costing residents their lives!