The Original Was a Little Foggy… UPDATED

… So to me a remake of John Carpenter’s 1980 flick, The Fog, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis and her mother Janet Leigh would be worthy of making. So when the news was announced that Carpenter might be revisiting the story, I was actually excited! Read on for the scooparooni…
Moviehole writes, “I’ve had a couple of reliable scoopers tell me that John Carpenter is toying with the idea of remaking The Fog, his 1980 movie about a ship full of dead crewmen on the revenge tear. The remake would again centre on the town of Antonio Bay, which is preparing for its centenary celebrations. 100 years before, the Elizabeth Dane ship, lost in a substantial bank of fog, crashed on the rocks at Spivey Point, misdirected by a campfire intended to ground the vessel, now there?s evidence that the livid dead crew aboard are on their way back with retribution scrawled on their to-do lists.

No Word on whether original star Jamie Lee Curtis would be involved. It’s one of a few projects on the table over at Camp Carpenter.”


Just a reminder that Creature Corner broke the Fog remake scoop last summer of 2002 (, and since then not much more is going on with it. They’ve done a number of updates on the project and what essentially is happening is this: Debra and John wanted to do an updated remake/sequel, they shopped their idea to various production companies, but no one is biting at the idea.

For plot details on John’s proposed idea click here – and scroll to the bottom of the article.”

Source: Moviehole