‘V For Vendetta’ Director Reshoots Scenes For ‘Invasion’

Warner Bros. Pictures’ long delayed The Invasion is finally aiming to hit theaters August 17, but why the year long push? Until now there has been silence surrounding Oliver Hirschbiegel’s film, which stars Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Jeremy Northam. Today the LA Times broke the news that now only were there reshoots, but they were done by V for Vendetta director James McTeigue! Even crazier, Matrix creators Andy and Larry Wachowski were behind the rewrites!! Read on for the story.
Over at the LA Times they have an interesting article about foreign directors and the hard time they have transitioning to US film making. Here’s an interesting segment from the article where they talk about some major changes to Warner Bros. INVASION:

In fact, a number of gifted foreign directors have struggled trying to make the transition to Hollywood. One recent example is Oliver Hirschbiegel, a German director whose “Downfall” received rave reviews and was nominated for best foreign film. Hirschbiegel was hired by Warner Bros. to direct “The Invasion,” a Nicole Kidman-starring thriller based on Don Siegel’s classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Hirschbiegel shot the movie at the end of 2005, but the studio was so unhappy with the results that it brought in “Matrix” creators Andy and Larry Wachowski to do rewrites and then hired James McTeigue, who directed “V for Vendetta” for the studio last year, to do nearly $10 million in reshoots earlier this year…

Hirschbiegel’s experience on “Invasion” is more complicated. The studio had issues with the movie, one being that it didn’t have enough action. Though the director wouldn’t speak to me, his agents contend the action deficit wasn’t his fault because many of the action scenes were cut due to budget constraints. “It’s not such a big deal,” says Warners chief Alan Horn. “We needed to do reshoots, as is often the case, and Oliver wasn’t available, so we used someone else. I think we’ve had a great track record working with foreign directors — just look at the great work Alfonso Cuarón did on his ‘Harry Potter’ film — so I’m not so sure these kind of problems have anything to do with nationality or culture.”

Source: LA Times