First Footage From ‘Halloween’, More Details, Sequel News?!

This morning MTV posted an exclusive visit to the set of Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake in Pasadena, CA where they talked with writer/director Rob Zombie and stars Brad Dourif, Tyler Mane, Malcolm McDowell and the new Laurie Strode, Scout Taylor-Compton. Inside you’ll find the highlights from the article, which features breaking news on a different theme(!), changes in the script, a sequel tease and details on how often Michael Myers talks (could it be never?). Watch for Halloween in theaters August 31.

This morning MTV posted a huge article on Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, which featured a small video from the set. Here are some of the highlights:

“Michael does not talk,” Zombie exclaims in the video. Malcom McDowell confirms, “In one scene we do, he’s completely blank and I’m trying to coax him,” McDowell said of his work with Daeg Faerch, who plays a young (and verbal!) Myers. “He gets to deliver [lines], but of course the older Michael is completely [silent]; he doesn’t say a thing, he just wears a mask and terrifies everybody to death.”

Zombie also reveals, “Michael Myers does not know how to drive in this movie,” the long-haired, tattooed filmmaker told MTV over the weekend on the set of his highly anticipated remake of one of horror’s most beloved slasher films (see “Rob Zombie Resurrecting Michael Myers For New ‘Halloween’ “). “[Myers in the station wagon] always bothered me. They would always play that off like someone must have given him lessons, but you know no one gave him lessons! He’s in a maximum-security prison! So, no, he doesn’t drive.”

MTV writes that contrary to Internet rumors, Zombie’s “Halloween” has no discernible time period and begins well before the original’s opening scene of young Michael killing his sister Judith (Laurie doesn’t even come into the film until the final third). Now, the 6-year-old slaughters five of his relatives and is then sent to Loomis’ sanitarium.

But here’s a whopper of a surprise as MTV reveals that one final change might just be the most controversial of them all: The dropping of the famous “Halloween” theme composed by Carpenter. “The plan was at some point to [remake it], to change it around,” Zombie said, revealing that it has since been shelved. “The actual way it sounds now doesn’t really work with what we’re doing.”

Among the other notable moves that Zombie is embracing:

Source: MTV