Feast, Pulse Sequels — Prophecy, Trick or Treat Remakes?!

This eveing Clint over at Moviehole.net posted a special interview with Producer Joel Soisson, who responded to a bunch of reader’s questions. What type of juicy scoopage came from the wreckage? How about more details on the Feast sequels, Pulse 2, along with remakes of The Prophecy and Trick or Treat! Read on for the skinny on all four possible films.
Our good buddy Clint over at Moviehole.net scored some juicy gooness this eveing, check it out!

FEAST and PULSE Producer Joel Soisson talked to Moviehole-ers today about his upcoming projects; mentioning possible remakes of “The Prophecy” and “Trick or Treat”, as well as touching on the sequels to “Feast” and “Pulse”.

Here’s a summary of the good stuff:


We’re in the early stages of figuring out the Feast sequels. I think there will be a lot of beer consumed before the origin issue is finally settled. We’re just now trying to figure all that out. Hopefully with John [Gulager] at the helm. This time around, he’ll be a fully-mature director. Which means that, like a grown-up chimp, it will take10 strong men (or 20 producers) to handle him.


I loved the original as well, although it is a difficult film to translate for American audiences. Suffice to say that the next one will be an attempt to go beyond both versions in a way that addresses some legitimate fan concerns. It’s too early to tell if Kristen [Bell] will be involved. But everybody who works with her becomes a huge fan. She’s smart, cute, talented, tireless and still finds time for social causes that make the world better. Which makes me want to kick her.

On remaking TRICK OR TREAT

That’s twice in two days somebody’s hit me with that idea. And I thought it was ancient history. Then again, that’s when it’s probably time for a remake. I guess high school alienation never goes out of style. Thanks for the inspiration. Little fun fact. The guy who plays Eddie’s nebbish friend is Glen Morgan who wrote Final Destination with Jim Wong, both friends of mine.

On remaking THE PROPHECY

My dream is to hook back up with my friend Greg Widen (writer and director of the first Prophecy) and remake the original for the budget it should have had. We tried to tell the story of a second war in Heaven for a few million bucks. That wasn’t a war. At best, it was a skirmish.

On his upcoming slate

Besides the Pulses and Feasts and some originals for Dimension that I am not at liberty to discuss, I have a pretty cool project in the works over at Maverick called “Buried.” Deals with urban exploration and some extremely nasty discoveries. I’m also working with one of my producing partners Keith Border on an “American Pie Presents” film for Rogue Pictures. Though I’m still not quite sure how a pie can present something.

Source: Moviehole.net