RUMOR CONTROL: Dimension’s ‘Rogue’ Still Going Theatrical!

The other day Fangoria made an announcement that Dimension Films was dumping Greg McLean’s second feature film, Rogue, direct-to-video on May 20. The reputable reports that the article was completely false as they got in contact with local distributors who clarify that the film is in fact getting a US theatrical release and that The Weinstein Company is still looking for a new date. I guess only time will tell who’s right. After impressing the masses with his Texas Chain Saw homage Wolf Creek, it would really be a disappointment to see McLean’s second film go right to DVD. Journeying home again, this time to the crocodile infested waters of Australia’s remote wetlands, the director’s wildlife boat tour is more down-under “Jaws” than “Crocodile Dundee.” Watch for more giant crocs later this year!