Six New Reviews To Gear You Up For Spring Break

I know most of you already had Spring Break, but there are still a few who start in the next week or two. Today we are sharing six new DVD reviews with you guys and hopefully one or two of them will be perfect for those relaxing hours doing nothing but sitting on your butt and drinking Red Bull at 3 AM. Inside you’ll find reviews for After Dark and Lionsgate’s Unrest, the return of Devon Sawa in The Devil’s Den and Raw Feed’s Sublime. For all six review links read on.

Sublime review by Tex Massacre, “Sublime is a rarity in genre filmmaking, a genuinely disturbing motion picture that does not need the trappings of cinema to take audiences to the extremes of what they find watchable. It succeeds simply by force-feeding on fears that most all of us already harbor.

Unrest review by Tex Massacre, “Kudos to [Jason Todd Ipson] for creating something that most genre fans haven’t seen in decades–a moody and dark horror film, in the best Roman Polanski tradition, that knows how to deliver the scares without resorting to cheap trickery, and dialogue with out resorting to “look over there” language. UNREST should be at the top of your list for films that have already slipped under your radar.

Death Row review by Tex Massacre, “You already know that Sci-fi Channel debuts are a disappointing lot and while DEATH ROW may not be epic storytelling, VanHook makes the film fun and keeps the kills coming and the blood flowing freely. But in the end, its Busey’s scenery chewing that makes the film more feast than famine.

Chainsaw Sally review by Ryan Daley, “Just slip into the flow of the movie and you’ll find that Chainsaw Sally is a dark and energetic ride with enough humor, depravity, and carnage to please any fan of moody independent horror.

The Devil’s Den review by Tex Massacre, “It’s been said that in many cases casting is 75% of the film’s success, the problem with that statement is that it lets filmmakers off the hook for abject laziness. DEVIL’S DEN is proof positive that you need a solid story if you plan on taking the project past the novelty factor.

The Red Shoes review by Ryan Daley, “The look and feel of the movie is modern, the scares are there to be had, and I have to admit, I was dying to know how it all ended, even if I was a little overwhelmed by the ambiguous final twist.

Source: B-D Reviews