Tribeca Film Festival Announces Midnight Line-Up!

We just received an email from the Tribeca Film Festival who just announced their Midnight line-up for this year’s event, which takes place in NY April 25 – May 6. Inside you’ll find the full list of horror films being shown along with links for more information. Watch for reviews of all films as B-D will be there covering per usual.

Midnight: For those audiences in need of something left of center, the Midnight section offers the dark, the creative, the strange, and everything in between. From rat zombies and vampires to alien sex cults, a comedian’s criticism of critics to raunchy blokes doing unheard of stunts, this collection of films may be shocking, creepy, or gross but they’re always fun.

* Black Sheep (review), directed and written by Jonathan King. (New Zealand) – New York Premiere. An entrepreneurial farm owner wants to revolutionize the industry with genetically engineered sheep. But when environmental activists try to stop him, they accidentally unleash his baaaad experiment into the world. And this sheep likes blood. In a country where sheep outnumber humans, the last thing you should ever do is piss them off. An IFC First Take Release.

* The Matrimony, directed by Teng Huatao, written by Zhang Jialu, Yang Qianling. (China) – North American Premiere. In 1920’s Shanghai, wealthy Junchu loses his fiancée in a freak accident and is coerced by his mother into marrying Sansan, a near stranger. Soon afterward, Sansan’s body is inhabited by the devious ghost of Junchu’s dead lover, sending her on a downward spiral of madness and murder in this captivating gothic horror. In Mandarin.

* Mulberry Street (review), directed by Jim Mickle, written by Nick Damici, Jim Mickle. (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere. One sweltering summer day in Manhattan, the streets explode into chaos as a rat-borne virus breaks out. With every bite, city dwellers turn into bloodthirsty, rodent-like creatures that violently attack other residents. Seven recently evicted tenants fight through the night for survival as the city quickly spirals out of control.

* The Poughkeepsie Tapes, directed and written by John Erick Dowdle. (U.S.A) – World Premiere. When hundreds of videotapes showing torture, murder and dismemberment are found in an abandoned house, they reveal a serial killer’s decade-long reign of terror and become the most disturbing collection of evidence homicide detectives have ever seen. Brutal and engrossing, actual footage from these tapes mixed with interviews with FBI profiles and victims’ families begin to expose the many layers to this mystery.

* Rise: Blood Hunter, directed and written by Sebastian Gutierrez. (U.S.A) – World Premiere. Reporter Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu) awakens in a morgue and realizes she is no longer human. Trying to resist the thirst for blood, she vows to hunt down the sect responsible for her situation, and kill the vampire that changed her. Chalk fill of action, this slayer flick is sure to thrill. With Michael Chiklis. A Destination Films/Samuel Goldwyn Release.

* Unearthed, directed and written by Matthew Leutwyler. (U.S.A.) -World Premiere. When an archeologist obsessed with the mysterious disappearance of an ancient Native American people uncovers a subterranean lair in the New Mexico desert, a blood-thirsty creature is unleashed on a small town. In the wake of the carnage, the people’s only hope is a quick-thinking rogue sheriff and the ritual medicine of the lost tribe.

Source: Tribeca