‘Ginger Snaps: Unleashed’

Finally a title other than Ginger Snaps: The Sequel! Creature-Corner received an official press release, which is also confirmed over at Lions Gates website, that the new title for the sequel to the Canadian smash hit as Ginger Snaps: Unleashed. “The story picks up after the third act of the first film, and finds sister Brigitte looking for a way to get free of the curse she has inflicted upon herself. She is found wandering the streets after narrowly escaping an attack by another werewolf, and is infirmed in the Happier Times Rehabilitation Clinic, where her only cure is taken away from her (they think she’s a drug addict and the monkshood is her drug). There she befriends a girl named Ghost, who is keeping her grandmother company while she recovers from some severe burns. While trying to find a way to prevent the inevitable change, she is constantly pursued by another werewolf intent on making her his mate, and things get hectic.”

Source: Lions Gate