HorrorHound Magazine Issue #6 Sneak Preview: Grindhouse!

HorrorHound’s first issue of 2007 looks like a good one from the amazing original-artwork Grindhouse cover from Brian Roll to the groundbreaking retrospective article on Monster Squad… inside you’ll find out what you have to look forward to in HorrorHound Magazine Issue #6! Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled at HorrorHound Weekend’s official website for details on various conventions coming to a town near you.

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Not only do we feature one of the HorrorHound staff’s favorite ’80s treats in this issues retrospective series, but we also have late-breaking news on the upcoming DVD release of the film! We talk to Fred Dekker and an assortment of the cast and crew and feature a special pull-out poster featuring the classic monsters – by Jeff Rebner! Features everything fans of HorrorHound have come to expect from our retrospective article series – including some of the most popular and rare movie posters, memorabilia and fan/licensed merchandise made for the film from all over the world.

The big news this issue is in the form of Grindhouse! The Tarantino/Rodriguez double-feature gets special treatment as we take a look at the film, the mock-trailers and a double-feature exclusive interview from the badasses of the Grindhouse: Michael Biehn and Kurt Russell! We also take a look at the upcoming zombie Fido, The Hills Have Eyes sequel and a couple other surprises. We check out what fans can expect from 2007, and discuss most of these upcoming treats with the actors and filmmakers themselves.

The big word this issue is Toy Fair! Sideshow (Hostel, Frankenstein), Mezco (New Line Cinema’s House of Horror, Hellboy), Diamond Select (Tomb of Dracula, Marvel Zombies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), NECA (Grindhouse, Lost Boys), SOTA (Now Playing)… all the greatest genre-toy announcements are here, including news on what’s currently available in-stores.

Two amazing mask articles are featured within issue 6, including a special artist spotlight on FX meistro and mask maker Casey Love. Look at some of Casey’s insane creations as we discuss his current career in the industry. A special making-of a HorrorHound mask article by Monte Ward is also included featuring a step-by-step guide in the creation of the new magazine mascot. As if seeing how the mascot isn’t cool enough – ensure you check out the article and attend HorrorHound Weekend (and other HH convention stops) as we will be taking our new
mascot on tour!

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s included in this issue. With Horror at the Oscars we take a look at the history of the awards show and the genre titles who have penetrated the golden gates… Our serial killer article on Zodiac goes hand-in-hand with a special interview with Robert Graysmith and the recently-released David Fincher film. A special GoreHound article celebrating the goriest film ever shot – Dead Alive is included and if Monster Squad wasn’t enough Fred Dekker love this issue – Sean Clark turns in his latest Horror’s Hallowed Grounds article featuring the locales of Night of the Creeps. A special look at the grind house-themed 42nd Street DVD releases and a Tarantino/Rodriguez Hall of Fame feature are ALL INCLUDED!

Be sure to check out your local Borders and Barnes and Nobles for issue 6 (in stores VERY soon) or online at http://www.horrorhound.com!

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