A Whopping Nine New Reviews To Sift Through!

Over the past weekend we’ve added a whopping nine new reviews for you guys to check out including one of Borderland, which played at this year’s SXSW Film Festival and Day Watch, the sequel to Night Watch, which hits limited theaters from Fox Searchlight on June 1. Read on to see what other films we’ve reviewed, along with a quick blurb.


Bloody Reunion: Room 237 writes, “What a strange, twisted and thoroughly intricate film this is. Well, at least the plethora of minor details and trivial plot points would have me believe, anyway.

First Born: Ryan Daley writes, “For Christ’s sake, I just gave you 90 minutes of my time, give me something in return, please, give me the payoff you’ve been so ardently promising, Mr. Straight-To-DVD Auteur. Tell me its Ralph Macchio’s baby, that would make my eyes bulge. You can even give me a Wizard of Oz “I dreamed it all” ending, I don’t give a shit. But First Born gives you nothing…

Kill, Baby… Kill!: Tex Massacre writes, “Many might be able to dismiss Bava’s film as yet another Italian splatter film, or a production that was trying to compete with Hammer Studio’s market, but despite it’s seeming unimportance at the time of release, KILL, BABY…KILL has proven it’s mettle over the years by it’s sheer range of influence.

Zombies Gone Wild: Tex Massacre writes, “I can’t even manage to write a descent review of this trash. In fact, this review sucks as much as the movie. Stop reading it. Go about your lives, happy in the knowledge that you’ll never rent or buy this film. I’m sorry I’ve taken up some many free seconds of your day.

Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave: Tex Massacre writes, “After the minor fiasco that was NECROPOLIS, I wanted to like RAVE TO THE GRAVE. I knew better than to expect much, but I still expected something. What I got was far worse than I could have ever imagined. Frankly, It’s gonna take a hell of a lot of Trioxin for this to not be the final nail in the coffin of the RotLD film series. In fact, at this point, I think the saga is better off left for dead.

Penny Dreadful: Tex Massacre writes, ““PENNY” is hardly dreadful, but it really suffers from a feature-length running time… The ending is what throws the film for a loop. Frankly, I’m not seeing any good solution for revealing the identity of the killer, but the path that the filmmakers took was—perhaps not completely obvious—but so played out that it almost ruined the story.

Reincarnation: Tex Massacre writes, “Amazingly, for a film that relishes in its obtuseness, the conclusion is so well organized that it’s impossible to miss the point… If the film holds up on repeat viewings it will do much to illustrate that Shimizu is more than simply the man who gave the world a “GRUDGE”.

Borderland: Tex Massacre writes, “In BORDERLAND, the idea of how far you would go to protect your friends and your own life is at the forefront of what makes the movie so successful at capturing your attention and holding it through a real-life situation that hopefully none of us will ever have the displeasure of living through.

Day Watch: Room 237 writes, “Something is lost in translation, and the epic-fantasy scope of the narrative itself often appears lifeless amidst the barrage of blistering special effects.

Source: BD Reviews