Director, Cast and Shooting Wrap For ‘It’s Alive!’ Remake?!

We broke the news months ago (here) that a remake to It’s Alive! was in the works, but somehow it slipped under our radar and already lensed! According to Bully star Bijou Phillips (pictured inside) jumped directly from shooting Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part II to the remake of Larry Cohen’s 1973 horror classic, which shot in Bulgaria last month! Revolving around a monstrous homicidal vampire baby that embarks on a violent killing spree, It’s Alive co-stars James Murray and Raphael Coleman and is directed by Josef Rusnak, who had this rather overblown statement to say on the subject: “Some character elements and situations have been updated to reflect certain changes in society, but the script still preys on the genre’s ability to explode the foundation of today’s bourgeoisie.” Watch for more news as it comes in!

Source: Timeout