Remake of Amazing ‘Dark Water’ Shooting Soon!

After the success of Dreamwork’s The Ring (review), I’m super excited for the next Asian horror remake, which is entitled Dark Water (review). The film, which is set to begin shooting this January, stars Jennifer Connelly (Hulk) and is being directed by Walter Salles. Read on for the story.
Fangoria caught up with the lovely Jennifer (CREEPERS) Connelly over the weekend and asked her about her upcoming horror project, DARK WATER, a remake of the Hideo Nakata-directed feature and the first big studio Nakata horror remake following the success of Gore Verbinski’s THE RING.”

“It’s being directed by Walter Salles and he’s fantastic,” Connelly reports. “It’s about a single mother who is going through a divorce and trying to make a life for herself and her five year-old daughter and she starts to see things in this place that she’s living and you don’t know if it’s her husband trying to make her crazy, if it’s just in her mind or if there’s something going on. It’s a scary movie, but an old-school scary movie – not a gore movie. Psychological, suspense.”

“Though Connelly has been finished with her last film, HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG for awhile, it’ll still be another few months before she gets in front of the cameras again. “DARK WATER hasn’t started – that’s January,” Connelly adds. “It’ll be New York and Toronto.”

Source: Fangoria