‘Pulp Fiction’ Block Figures from NECA

I know, I know, Pulp Fiction isn’t horror, but it sure as hell is bloody and disgusting and now thinking about it, we should really be covering Kill Bill! To the news, NECA announced today plans for Pulp Fiction Geoms Block Figures, “For the first time ever Pulp Fiction characters come to life in 3-D. NECA’s new line of block figures called Geoms Figures stand almost 3″ tall, come with their own movie accessories and have over 14 points of articulation.” Read on for images of these bad ass little figures.
The 4 unique figure sets include…
The Cast – Starring Vince, Jules, Mia, and Marcellus
Clean Up – Starring Bloody Vince, Bloody Jules, Jimmy, and The Wolf
The Gimp – Starring Butch, Marcellus, Zed, and The Gimp
Overdose – Starring Vince, Mia, Lance, and Jody

Due for release in early 2004, expect more Pulp Fiction offerings from NECA to be announced at Toy Fair in February

Source: NECA
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