MORE ‘Saw IV’ Casting News, Word From Bousman!

With shooting only a week away, the cast list for Lionsgate’s Saw IV is growing extremely quick. This morning it was revealed that Lyriq Bent – who played Rigg in Saw III – is returning to action, while we broke the news last week that Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls) is starring. Tobin Bell is signed on for six Saw films, so we know he’ll be back, but who’s next?! How much blood are you willing to shed to find out? Read on for the next casting news exclusively to Bloody-Disgusting, along with word from returning director Darren Lynn Bousman!

Bloody-Disgusting has learned this afternoon that Justin Louis has joined the cast of SAW IV. Louis is best known to us genre fans as Luis, Sarah Polley’s husband, in the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake. He can also be seen in SHOOTER, which is now in theaters. Check out his IMDB listing for his massive credit list.

When we checked in with Bousman to confirm this scoop (which he did), he tells us “I am so stoked – one reason I love this franchise is most everyone has come back on the crew. Same Costume team – same props team – same production designer – DP – AD’s – basically everyone… At this point it’s like one big dysfunctional family… That holds true with the cast. We have some crazy surprises in store for the fans this year. Stuff no one is expecting.

With a script by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (the crazy dudes behind FEAST), I’m sure plenty of craziness is in store when SAW IV hits theaters October 26. Watch for more news as it comes in.