‘Return to Hill’ a Choose Your Own Adventure?!

We broke the news nearly a year ago that Victor Garcia, Screamfest Horror Film Festival winner (2004 best short), would make his feature directorial debut on Dark Castle’s Return to House on Haunted Hill, which stars Amanda Righetti, Jeffrey Combs, Gil Kolirin, Steven Pacey, Erik Palladino, Andrew Pleavin, Andrew Lee Potts, Clyta Rainford and Cerina Vincent. Although the idea of another Hill isn’t all that exciting – what Joel Silver and co. plan on doing with the DVD is going to knock your socks off! Read on for the skinny and watch for the DVD this fall.
Today I was directed to an article in the Wall Street Journal, which chatted about studios having a new found respect for Direct-to-DVD films. One portion blew my friggin mind:

Joel Silver, the producer behind “The Matrix” series, has forged a deal with Warner’s new Premiere unit to make 10 direct-to-DVD movies over the next three years, for instance. His first project, a sequel to the 1999 horror movie “House on Haunted Hill,” will give viewers the option to pick different story lines and four alternative endings.

I know New Line Home Entertainment tried the same thing with FINAL DESTINATION 3, but it was sort of a scam. So the question will be whether or not there is actual footage that changes the direction of the story. Can you imagine a choose your own adventure DVD? How cool is that?!

In addition they revealed Mr. Silver’s deal will similarly build on his “Dark Castle” brand of movies and include horror, thrillers and urban action. “You can really experiment and take more risks in direct-to-DVD,” says Mr. Silver.

So look for sequels to films like 13 Ghosts, Gothika, Ghost Ship, The Reaping, House of Wax among others.

Source: Wall Street Journal