Jessica Simpson Heading to ‘Kentucky’?

I’m not quite sure how much I believe here, as there is no confirmation that Jessica Simpson is actually interested in the role, but it was revealed (via press release) this afternoon that the sexy singer might land the lead role in C. L. Gregory’s The Kentucky Fried Horror Show. The director of Blood Lake, Vampire Diaries and a slue of other B horror films is said to be in final negotiations with Ms. Simpson for his latest project, which is scheduled to be filmed later this year. Read on for the story.
Press release from Rush PR News:

NEW YORK, NY (rushprnews) April 20,2007 – Will Jessica Simpson be the new scream queen of horror? C. L. Gregory certainly hopes so. The director of Blood Lake, Vampire Diaries and a slue of other B horror films is currently in final negotiations with Ms. Simpson for his latest project -The Kentucky Fried Horror Show, scheduled to be filmed later this year.

With the growing appeal and success of violent horror films, Gregory is betting that his latest film will give the blood thirsty audience its money’s worth, and Simpson, it seems, is anxious to get on board. “Jessica Simpson is the girl that can become the next horror scream queen.” Gregory said when asked about Simpson.

“I felt that the script needed someone that could carry the weight of its character and without doubt, Jessica was my first and only consideration for the role. She’s never done a horror film to date and we felt she was ready for a project like this as it will be a very emotional and demanding piece of work for her. But I don’t see anyone who can pull it off better than Jessica Simpson.”

When asked about his current film, Gregory remarks, “I wanted to put the grind back into grindhouse” Gregory says of his latest creation. “The movie is simply about a group of college kids on spring break that head to Florida from New York via road trip. Once they get into Kentucky things change from good to bad when they encounter a murderous southern religious cult that has an appetite for blood letting.” Gregory said. “I’m literally taking my background growing up in the southern Pentecostal movement that brought us the likes of Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Jones and whose influence, more bad than good, has helped cause the division in our current political climate and nation today.” Gregory says.

And Gregory has no problem gathering star power to his independent film, with a growing list of horror celebs signing on board, Bill Moseley, P.J. Soles, Joe Bob Briggs, Polly Holliday, Scarlett Palmers, even Hillary Duff is in talks to star, The Kentucky Fried Horror Show seems to be just another addition of the continuing trend of hardcore horror films that are pouring out into the theatres today and fans are still dying to see them.

Source: Rush PR News