‘Goonies 2’… err ‘Groonies’?

Well there wasn’t much horror news tonight, so I thought I’d pass this scoop along to some of you. It seems that director Richard Donner, who directed the 1985 classic The Goonies, and Steven Spielberg, who executive produced it and co-wrote the script, have purchased a sequel script and are pushing to get a sequel to The Goonies made, which would be called Groonies. Read on for the scoop.
MTV scored some amazing news while interviewing Richard Donner for his next film Timeline, “We’re trying desperately,” Donner told MTV. “We’re just trying to get Warner Bros., who owns it, to say yes.”

The sequel would reunite the original cast, which included Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin and others, with a new bunch of suburban kids, Donner said.

“The new group is called the Groonies, because they happen to live in a town where [Data], the Chinese kid, lives … and he’s got an electronics repair shop and all the kids hang out at his shop. He has this Chinese accent and he calls the Goonies the Groonies, and so the new kids call themselves the Groonies, until they get into a situation where the old Goonies have to save the new Groonies, or vice versa.”

Donner would not say much more about the plot or the casting but said Astin’s character, Mikey, would be prominent, and Jeff Cohen’s Chunk would return.

I wonder what they’d call the next Indiana Jones if the Chinese kid where in that? Indiana Jones: The Search for Arantis?

Source: MTV, Comingsoon