‘Last House on the Left’ Remake Wusses Out

Buzz on the street is that the screenplay for the Wes Craven’s produced remake of The Last House on the Left needs some work, but now I’m starting to think this is one remake we should just scratch off the board (move along guys, there’s nothing to see here). Today bits of an interview were posted with Craven where he reveals the softer side of the rainbow, along with details on who might helm the remake of his own ’72 debut.

Ftopel of Rotten Tomatoes reports: “Even Wes Craven’s horror movie fans are shocked when they see his original “Last House on the Left.” With plans for a remake underway, don’t expect the same sort of extended rape and torture scenes. But still expect the same scares. Those will still be there.

“I think it’s probably the film I’ve made the hardcore fans respect the most because it’s just so brutal,” Craven said. “We don’t want to do it quite that brutal because it’s also just a great story. Bergman did the story and before that it was a medieval story so we’re going to try to split the difference.”

Since Craven will only produce the remake, it will be the new filmmaker who determines the level of graphic violence. “We’re trying to make a deal with a very interesting director who directed something. A Grecian I guess director who directed something called Hardcore [Dennis Iliadis] about street prostitutes in Greece that I think is an amazing film. We want somebody who is a real artist who can give it his own vision.”

Craven had no hesitation to jump on the remake bandwagon. Only legal issues have held up the project. “The Hills Have Eyes was the same way. We had to find everything. It was like, ‘Do we have a contract on that? Where would it be? That turned up in a salt mine someplace.’ Where business records are stored for long term storage. ‘Yeah, it’s in the salt mine. We found it.’ The Last House stuff had a lot of entanglements and everything else so it’s taken a year to get that all straightened out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re filming that by this fall.””

Yes, a less violent and brutal remake! Maybe I can become one of those fake brothers and bring a 13-year-old in need. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to see a watered down remake of an intense original film (ahem The Fog, When a Stranger Calls).

Source: Rotten Tomatoes