B-D Catches a Glimpse of ‘Scar’ in HD 3-D!

The other night Bloody-Disgusting had the chance to preview Jed Weintrob’s HD 3-D horror movie, Scar, which stars Angela Bettis, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Christopher Titus, Devon Graye and Brandon Jay McLaren. Although I won’t write a review for an unfinished film (that’s just not ethical), I will respond to the technology and how crazy a horror film is using the new HD 3-D technology. Read on for my reaction and watch for this sucker in theaters in 2008!

Last night I was one of the very lucky people who caught an early test screening of Jed Weintrob’s SCAR, which stars Angela Bettis, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Christopher Titus, Devon Graye and Brandon Jay McLaren. Why was I so lucky? Not because I got to see a movie early, but I had the opportunity to see the future of film unfold right before my eyes (and before anyone else) – now that’s exciting!

SCAR is the first ever live-action HD 3-D movie and our beloved horror genre had this amazing opportunity to feel the effects first. Horror was the perfect choice to test this new technology, which has been used on MEET THE ROBINSONS and other animated features.

Although I won’t review the film (because it’s not completed) I will say that the experience was better than expected. The idea of real life 3-D has a stigma to it – the thought of those classic red and blue glasses, and the idea that it’s only a gimmick and not something that can enhance the films quality – are both misconceptions. SCAR is proof. Red’s seem to “pop out” more than other colors, so the fact that the first ever live action HD 3-D film is SCAR is perfect (all that blooooood!).

SCAR is a thriller/drama mixed with a torture film – when the torture sequences hit the big screen, you’re going to be in for a great time. Some of the sh-t shown was disgusting and brutal… like a girl getting her tongue cut out and thrown on the floor! I found myself cringing on numerous occasions – but my case was NOTHING. When the movie ended a man at one of the top rows was out cold and paramedics were actually called (we witnessed it). Also, one viewer ran out of the theater and threw up all over a garbage can. Is this what you’re looking for in your horror? Do you want the experience to be more real than ever before? Do you need the extra edge? If you’ve been desensitized, this could be the film that breaks you once again. Remember SCAR, everyone will be scarred by it come 2008.