Join The Legion of Michael With B-D and Rob Zombie!

We’ve really been digging writer/director Rob Zombie by the way he’s taking on promoting his version of Halloween all on his lonesome. Nearly every single piece of news that has spread through the web has been from his own doing and the hype continues to grow. His next step… THE LEGION OF MICHAEL, a new long running promotion where fans can show their support by dressing up as Michael Myers – and winning authentic props from the movie, which hits theaters August 31! Read on for the details.

Are you excited for Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN? You should be… and now you have a chance to get more involved AND enter to win an authentic prop – one of Michael Myers’ masks from his stay at Smith’s Grove! – used in the remake of John Carpenter’s groundbreaking film!

Rob Zombie, in association with Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central, Arrow in the Head, Shock Till You Drop and the Halloween Mask Association have joined forces to bring you …

Becoming part of THE LEGION OF MICHAEL is simple. Starting on August 31st, the day HALLOWEEN hits theaters, all you have to do is bust out your favorite Michael Myers mask (if you don’t have one, you can make a creepy paper one) and head out to your local theaters. While you’re at the theaters dressed as the Boogeyman, snap a few pictures off and then E-mail the Photo(s) HERE (put HALOWEEN in the subject line). Make sure to send your pictures to all four websites to increase your chances of winning!

Why send pictures you ask?

Well, upon receiving your photos each site will pick the best picture and send you a genuine prop from the film – one of Myers’ many masks he created while staying at Smith’s Grove. That’s right, as if showing your support wasn’t fun enough, by doing so you’ll actually have a shot at taking home a piece of the movie itself! Pictures of the winners and the runners-up will be posted on each website so if nothing else, this will be your 15 minutes of fame!

Excited? You should be! This is the first time a group of your favorite horror websites have come together with a filmmaker to work together toward one goal — to make the latest night he came home truly memorable for many years to come.

Here’s what Rob had to say about the experiment, “I always knew that Halloween had die-hard fans, but it wasn’t until I began work on my new version of Halloween that I really begin to understand just how insanely deep the love of Michael Myers goes. I take working on this new version of Halloween very serious and I especially take the character of Michael Myers dead serious. I know the fans are worried I’ve change things about this iconic character, but I haven’t. I’ve added some things, but haven’t taken away any of the classic elements we all love. Come August 31, I think you are gonna be pretty fucking happy.

Anyways, this is where the idea of The Legion of Michael began. So many fans have Michael masks and dress as Michael for Halloween, I figured fuck it, let’s’ take it to a new level. Obviously cynics will treat it like some lame publicity thing, but that’s not the intention. I have tried my best to keep anything cheap or explotive away from Halloween. I want it to be created by the fans and for the fans who love this character.

Michael is back on the big screen, bigger and badder than ever! So let’s fucking live it up!

Please keep in mind this promotion is meant to be in good fun, so there are some rules you’ll have to abide by (because we don’t want anyone getting into any trouble and assume no responsibility for those that do):

– Contestants should not enter stores, disrupting business or destroying property, unless it is cleared beforehand by the store owner.

– Contestants are not to directly approach anyone, much less chase them. If a person shies away, move along.

– Contestants should not block traffic, or disrupt their surroundings. A location should be exactly the way it was when you arrived after you leave it.

If you’re asked to remove the mask, do so without incident or protest!

Check out Official Rob Zombie’s Halloween MySpace for more details on the film and the inside word from the man himself – Rob Zombie.

Source: Official MySpace Page