Two of the BEST Now Available in the US!

Now available in the US on DVD are two amazing Asian flicks that you MUST check out. First, the man who brought you such films as Audition and The Dead or Alive Trilogy brings you one of the most brutal movies I’ve ever come out of Asian cinema, Ichi the Killer (review). The film follows a masochist being searching down by a sadist so he can have some serious pain inflicted on him! Second, is one of the most insane flicks I’ve seen, and it’s something I guarantee you won’t ever see made in the US. The film is called Suicide Club (aka Suicide Circle), where groups of kids have been committing suicide together, is there a connection? Watch and find out. Both films can be purchased online at numerous locations, from to Poker Industries to even Amazon, if you’re lucky, Best Buy might even carry a copy or two like they did with Versus.

Source: Official Site