Exclusive ‘Five Across the Eyes’ Trailer, Poster, Pics!

Today we’ve scored a whole load of goodies for the upcoming indie horror film Five Across the Eyes, which actually looks pretty damn cool. Not only did we add the first trailer for the film exclusively to BDTV, but we’ve got a look at the new poster and images, which can be found inside. Don’t forget four clips from the film can be found here. Five girls face the ultimate experience of terror on the way back from a football game. Finding themselves lost, they stop at a desolate store to find directions, but unfortunately instead are involved in a hit and run leaving the driver of an SUV one headlight short. Inexperienced and frightened the girls flee the accident and speed away down the dark and unfamiliar roads. Shortly they are joined on their blind journey by the pursuit of the one lone headlight, an event that will scar them for life; one mistake made while lost will cost them their innocence and possibly their lives.

Click the poster for all of the images:

Source: BDTV