Paul Schneider Heads From TV to ‘The Wall’

We got word that TV director Paul Schneider is set to helm the supernatural-thriller The Wall. Inside we have full details on the film, which sounds interestingly close to The Ring. The film is set to shoot this June in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

In the film Katelyn’s mother was horribly murdered in their lighthouse home when Katelyn was five. Although the circumstances of the crime are murky and mysterious, Katelyn’s father, Christopher, was arrested and convicted for the murder. The murder has driven Christopher into madness. All he has been able to tell his daughter is that some awful evil lurks in the lighthouse.

As the movie opens, twenty years have passed and Katelyn is still in the dark as to what really happened. However, when the abandoned lighthouse is bought by developers and some of them begin disappearing and dying, Katelyn is forced to confront the force that still lurks inside.

In the process, she uncovers a long buried secret that involves her Grandfather and horrible, violent events that occurred many years ago. This secret reveals the truth of what she knew instinctively, that her father did not murder her mother. She discovers instead, that a vengeful spirit lies buried in the basement of the lighthouse and he will murder again and again unless Katelyn can find a way to stop him and end the nightmare forever.

It does sound a little like The Ring doesn’t it?