Stephen Geoffreys Talks Return to Horror in ‘Sick Girl’

We broke the news a few weeks back (here) that Stephen Geoffreys has made his return to horror in Eben McGarr’s feature film debut Sick Girl, which is currently in post-production. This past week we scored an exclusive one-on-one interview with the famous ’80s actor who talks Sick Girl, Fright Night, 976-Evil and his return to horror after nearly 20 years!

Bloody-Disgusting was given the exclusive opportunity to chat with Stephen Geoffreys, the star of Eben McGarr’s upcoming debut film SICK GIRL, which is currently in post-production. For those of you who don’t know, Geoffreys became a fan favorite in the ’80s after stealing the show in FRIGHT NIGHT and starring in Robert Englund’s 976-EVIL. This is his long-awaited return to horror as “Mr. Putski, an elementary school teacher,” he tells us, “I’m extremely excited, it’s [been] a lot of fun!

Geoffreys talked a little bit about how he ended up involved in the project after all of these years, “Eben McGarr, the film’s writer/director, presented me with the offer, I looked it over and got the feeling that this guy has some very interesting ideas about putting together a fantastic film,” he tells us, “It’s always nice to work with someone who has a sense of excitement about creating something of quality, and Eben definitely has the right stuff.

As opposed to FRIGHT NIGHT and 967-EVIL, Geoffreys was able to avoid most of the bloodshed, “I actually make it to the end of the film without spilling a drop of blood.

Something we’ve always wondered here at B-D is that 20 years ago Geoffreys turned down FRIGHT NIGHT 2 for 976-EVIL, he tells us that he doesn’t regret the decision, “No regrets. Both films started shooting at approximately the same time. The deciding factor for me was the chance to work with the amazing Robert Englund… It was a blast.

Geoffreys tells us that he couldn’t resist returning to film after all of these years, “The whole experience of working in film is awesome; taking an idea and bringing that vision to life is something that brings me an immense amount of pleasure.” This is probably why he had such a blast on the set of SICK GIRL, “Being on the set of a movie is unbelievably exhilarating. The actors and crew seemed to be having a great time and their enthusiasm was infectious

We also learned that Geoffreys and McGarr will work together once more on LOS CONVENIO, McGarr’s next feature film.

But I think the number one question on everyone’s mind is, how would Geoffreys feel about FRIGHT NIGHT or 967-EVIL being remade? His answer was short and sweet, “Not at all… I think it’s flattering.