Saw IV: Tobin Bell Talks Jigsaw, New Characters & Crazy Finale!!

If our chat with director Darren Lynn Bousman (here) didn’t reveal enough about Lionsgate’s upcoming Saw IV, inside you’ll find some really juicy bits from Tobin Bell, who played Jigsaw in all four Saw films. We caught up with the star at a press day celebrating the recent wrap of the film, which was shot last month in Toronto, Canada. Read on for the skinny and watch for more info as it comes in!

Tobin Bell, who plays the notorious Jigsaw in all of Lionsgate’s SAW films, talked with B-D last night about his return in SAW IV, which hits theaters October 26. There has been a lot of speculation on just how he would be in the film; it was rumored for quite sometime that he would just be seen on TV screens throughout, until director Darren Lynn Bousman confirmed to Bloody-Disgusting that Tobin Bell is “physically” in the new film. While talking to Bell he explained the viewers would understand right off the bat, “Viewers will find out in very first scene of film… how I’m still in it” he tells B-D, “I like how I’m involved.

He also tells us that the script is not the same as what was shot being that this script evolved during shooting. He explains that it was a “bizarre, last minute way of development.

Bousman already revealed that there are two new characters in the film, one of which Bell explains he will be in constant dialogue with, “There’s a guy in this film we’ve never met before… one of the disenfranchised of the world,” he explains, “Jigsaw comes into contact with this guy [and he’s] the total opposites of Jigsaw. Many people talk a good game. Right or wrong he steps forward and does what he (Jigsaw) does.” Belll elaborates a bit for us, “This guy he runs into… he’s one of the lost of the world, Jigsaw is extremely educated, and the other guy hasn’t had anything…. There is an Interesting dialogue between the two.

When asked about fans returning for more Bell replied it will be because of a “tremendous ending.

SAW IV hits theaters October 26