Yam Laranas Talks ‘Echo’ Remake, Non-Stop Scares!

Last week it was announced that Vertigo Entertainment’s remake of The Echo had begun casting with Jesse Bradford set to topline. We decided now was a good time to catch up with writer-director Yam Laranas, whom is helming helming once again. Inside you can read all about what you can expect from the ghost story, which revolves around a young ex-con who moves into an old apartment building, only to learn his neighbor is an abusive police officer who savagely beats his wife and daughter. When the ex-con tries to intervene, he becomes trapped in a curse.

One film we’re pretty excited for is Vertigo Entertainment’s THE ECHO, a remake to Yam Laranas horror film from the Philippines entitled SIGAW. Casting has official begun on the film, which will be revisited by Laranas once again. We caught up with the young director as he prepares to shoot the film this August in Toronto who talked a bit about remaking his own film, “There are so many things I wish I could have done in the original (SIGSAW) that I never had the chance to. This is like a “Groundhog Day” situation to me – where I’m reliving the past or the present and making changes for the better,” but more importantly “This is also a chance for me to show my film to a wider audience.

Laranas also revealed a few things that will be different about the new film, “There are scares in the original that are still there, but I’m pushing it up several notches. I’ve also written new horror scenes that I think are very unique, he explains, “The characters/characterization are much better now and the story is also tighter.

The original film mainly took place in an apartment complex, this time the scope is larger, “There are several horrifying sequences that are not happening in the apartment… [expect] non-stop scares!

Being that the film is going to be PG-13, it only makes sense that ECHO will be all scares, less gore, `We try to be faithful to the original as much as we can… [there will be] more scares, less gore. We are going back to pure storytelling and less (or no) special effects.

After ECHO, Laranas tells us he has plenty more stories to tell, although he doesn’t want to be typecast, “I try not to be a typecast in the genre, but I still have a lot more horror stories to tell. I would like to someday work on suspense thrillers and dramas.

After Laranas finishes up ECHO he plans on taking a trip home to finish up other projects, “[When I’m done] I’ll go home to my family in Manila, finish writing some scripts and check out what other good material is out there.

Keep your eyes posted here for more updates as production continues.

– Mr. Disgusting