Supernatural Actioner ‘Painted Skin’ Being Prepped

Donnie Yen is to star in Painted Skin, a rare Chinese supernatural actioner being put together as a China-Singapore co-production, according to Variety. The $10 million budget period pic is to be jointly helmed by Wilson Yip Wai-shun (who previously directed Yen in “Dragon Tiger Gate,” and Andy Chin Wing-keung. The pic will lense in China in the final quarter of this year or early 2008, with dates likely dependent on sked of as yet uncast female lead. Pic also features Singapore’s Qi YuWu “(Home Song Stories”.) With large digital effects quotient, pic is skedded fro delivery end 2008. Story about a love hate relationship between a vixen spirit and a group of humans is adapted from series of Chinese classic stories “Strange Tales of Liaozhai.”

Source: Variety