‘1408’ Scores Big at #2, Has PG-13 Horror Prevailed?

Dimension Films’ Stephen King adaptation 1408 (review) took in an estimated $20,175,000 for the #2 spot at the box office, making it the single highest grossing weekend opening for a King adaptation! This also makes 1408 the only really successful horror film of 2007, further prepping the genre for a major climate change… to PG-13. Could it be that the general horror audience is sick of the buckets of blood and guts? I personally can care less about ratings so long as the the film is meant to be PG-13 (can you imagine a PG-13 Halloween or Saw IV?) The success of the film, however, is extremely important to the genre as it has shown that even in the midst of big summer movie madness a little horror film can still steal a chunk of change from the likes of Spidey, Shrek, The Fantastic Four and others. Horror lives baby! Even if it’s a little softer.

Source: Box Office Mojo